Six Months of Blogging

Here we are, friends!


Six months into this blogging experiment I have created. It’s been quite the journey thus far and I’m so grateful to have you all alongside with me. I wanted to take this post to reflect on the lessons I’ve learned and benefits I’ve received from blogging thus far.

Blogging has been a really powerful tool for bringing more mindfulness into my life. Before having a blog, I would hardly take pictures or post on social media. It just wasn’t something I was thinking about. Now that I have a blog I’m constantly thinking of what I ought to be taking pictures of and things I would like to post up on the blog. I am more aware of writing down little ideas I have, and am keen to reflect on how to word things in order to work them into a blog post. I’m grateful to have this added mindfulness into my daily life, and to constantly tune in to what I am appreciating and grateful for in my surroundings.

It’s also been a critical role in my ability to embrace wholehearted living. It’s been a way to embrace and live life in an authentic and vulnerable way. I must admit, it was way scarier for me to share my blog with my friends and family than when I was just sharing with complete strangers. I’ve been reading Brené Brown’s book Daring Greatly this week, and she talks about vulnerability and how sharing your work is a form of vulnerability. I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes when I write more vulnerable posts, I feel really nervous to hit “publish.” I worry about criticism and what people might think if I’m sharing different aspects of my life and story. However, as Brené claims, you cannot tie your self-worth with how people respond to your work. You can’t get caught up in that cycle, because you will never feel truly fulfilled. You will only be writing for others and leaving out the beauty of the creative process and the beauty of your personality.

The beauty in blogging has allowed me to branch out and open up in ways I might have before been nervous to share. It creates deeper levels of conversation in my real life, and allows me to feel more fulfilled as I continue to spread my authentic truth.

I hope this small space encourages others to embrace that truth as well. To step in to they authentic power and own it.

I know reading blogs was really healing for me in college to know that it was okay to actually enjoy food or to enjoy making chia pudding or whatever when that wasn’t the norm of people around me. It allows a sense of connection to a larger population, and proves that we are never in this alone.

I’m excited for where this journey will take us.




1 Comment

  1. Hi Ashley, I’ve loved reading about your journey!
    It’s given me courage to be more present and open
    with the people in my life and hope to make
    changes and better choices in how I live!



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