Things I’m Loving Friday 6/5

Happy Friday!


I’m writing from the Outer Banks today! I grew up on an island out here and am grateful to be able to spend the next week among good friends at the beach. I was feeling a bit land-locked in Utah and decided to go on a pretty spontaneous trip to the coast. I’m feeling incredibly grateful to have so many good friends with open doors who willingly allow me right in.

So obviously the things I’m loving the most on this Friday is being with some of my best friends at the beach!

“The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears, or the sea.”


2). Better Than Before

Between travel time and beach time I was able to finish the book Better Than Before yesterday, and really enjoyed it! I must admit it is kind of a slow and dry read, but I really appreciated all the insight and ideas Gretchen Rubin sprinkled throughout the book. If you are interested in habits in any way, I highly recommend checking out that book!

3). Working with beautiful and inspiring people!


There are so many beautiful and wonderful things about being a wilderness therapy guide, but the people you work with truly make the job so much better! Last shift I spent so much time chatting and laughing so hard I was crying with one of my favorite people. It was wonderful to adventure and have fun all throughout the week!

What things are you loving this week?





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