Arugula Goat Cheese Omelet

I would like to introduce you to my favorite meal of late. I tend to enjoy eggs and greens for either breakfast or dinner, I don’t discriminate the time of day. This is an easy omelet to whip up in only 15 minutes. It’s a simple choice for incorporating a solid mix of protein, greens, and taste and will leave you satisfied and full of energy for hours.






Arugula Goat Cheese Omelet


1 garlic clove, minced

1 Tbs Grape-seed Oil

handful arugula

2 eggs

Splash of coconut milk (about 1/2 Tbsp)

sprinkle of goat cheese (optional)

Salt, to taste

Salsa for topping (optional)


Heat skillet to medium high heat. Saute garlic in grape seed oil (or any high-heat tolerant oil of choice, coconut oil would also be lovely) until fragrant.

Beat eggs together in separate bowl.

Add eggs to garlic and allow to set, about two minutes. Top with a handful of arugula and sprinkle of goat cheese. Flip and waitย until eggs are fully cooked.

Put onto plate and top with salsa of choice!


What’s your favorite go-to meal lately?




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