Five Ways to Turn Around a Bad Day


1). Give yourself time to feel what’s going on
Set a timer for how long you want to sit with your discomfort or pain. Giving yourself a time limit is a way to allow yourself to feel the emotions that are going on, without letting the rule your day. You can allow yourself to just sit with the feelings, or you can journal it out! Whatever works for you, just be sure to give yourself space to really feel it. Once that time is done, move on with your day. I find if I don’t give myself time to tune into what I’m feeling, I end up sitting with “weird” or “off” emotions all day long, and I don’t have time to turn it around. I end up spending the whole day feeling bad, without really giving myself the chance to feel the emotion, and then move on. Once you let the bad stuff out, you have a better chance to get a move on with the rest of your day.

2). Eat real food
Another thing that tends to happen on days when I feel “off,” I suddenly have no desire to cook and eat real food. All I want is that packaged junk that will give me a brief high, but then leaving me crashing down again. I have found that if I get myself to eat a full meal with real food, I will feel so much better than if I wallow in a bag of cookies. Eating real food gives me something to feel good about, and won’t mess with the chemicals in my brain the way additives in packaged food can.

3). Move
When I’m having a bad day, all I typically want to do is curl up in my bed and drown myself in a series on Netflix. This is something that is fine to do, but typically makes me feel even worse about myself. When I’ve allowed myself a certain time to feel the bad stuff, and I still can’t seem to Shake It Off, I make myself go out and run. Running is something that makes me feel powerful and accomplished, especially if I go outside. It allows me to feel productive, gives me a release of feel-good endorphins, and added sunshine is sure to help boost my mood. If running isn’t for you, try going for a walk, dancing it off to your favorite song, or hitting up a yoga class. Movement is a great way to shake up stagnant feelings, and get your motivation back.

4). Listen to something upbeat.

Though it’s okay to listen to sad music to get your emotions out, it won’t help you get over those emotions. Once you’re ready to move on, turn on some positive, upbeat music and it can really help to boost your mood.

5). Give yourself props

I love to cross things off my to-do list. If I’m having a bad day, I take a few moments to write down some of my big accomplishments of the day. They don’t actually have to be anything big at all, sometimes I’ll write little things like “brushed teeth!!” or “made my bed!” and celebrate the tiny accomplishments of the day. Once I write down some of the great stuff I’ve already done, I start to feel more prepared to take on bigger stuff..

What are your tips to get over a bad day?




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