Why Meditation Doesn’t Always Mean Sitting in Lotus

Happy Monday, friends!


I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Mine was super relaxing, but also filled with TONS of inspiration. I’ve been digging the Hay House World Summit, and listening to different speakers. I also have been into a new form of meditation via a coloring book.

Yesterday morning, I went to a bookstore as I was on the hunt for a few books to read this week. Right when I walked in the doors, the first thing to catch my eye was a Coloring Book. Not just any coloring book, a coloring book filled with Mandalas! I had been seeing this as a form of meditation from some of my favorite people around the internet (namely, Katie and Amanda!) for some time, and was really interested in giving this meditation a shot!

I knew it was serendipity, and more than just coincidence that this was right in my path. Sometimes the things you need just plant themselves right in from of you. I bought one, and am so glad that I did! As a kid, I always loved drawing and coloring things for hours. I got out of the artistic habit, given that I’m not very talented in the art department, but this coloring book definitely rekindled my love of coloring, and brought me back to those childhood memories of being lost in an art project. The mandalas are beautiful, intricate, and easily look marvelous, even if you’re not artistic. I loved just taking the time to follow the patterns, choose colors, and get out of my head for a bit. I see why the Mandalas in particular are a meditation, because there are patterns to follow, and images that invoke a sense of creativity and inspiration.

I had a lot of fun, and highly recommend trying out a form of coloring meditation. This is a super great way to get started in meditation if sitting still for a certain number of minutes seems daunting, and is also a cool way to mix up your meditation practice if you are already a seasoned meditator.

I also love using dancing, mindful eating, walking, and even cooking as a form of meditation. I see meditation as a space to be present with what you are doing, without becoming attached to your thoughts. Both seated meditation, and moving meditation can be powerful ways to let go of the chaos of your head, and connect to your inner peace.

Do you have a favorite form of mediation?

Have a great Monday!




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