Things I’m Loving Friday, May 8th

Happy Friday, beauties!

In typical Friday fashion around here, I wanted to share some things I have been loving lately.

1). I got a hair cut!


This happened yesterday, actually. I felt super good about it in the salon, and then as soon as I came home I was like “what did I just do?” But all in all I’m happy to have made a change and just experiment with different hairstyles. It was cool because the stylist literally put my hair in a pony tail and cut it in one go! It was a super fun, spontaneous decision to mix up my week.

2). Simple Homemade meals


Specifically, black bean tacos! Just heat up two corn tortillas, heat up vegetarian refried black beans (check the can so it’s just beans and water) and top with your favorite salsa, avocado, cilantro. Delicious!

3). Super Soul Sunday

Obviously! But it’s so nice to curl up in bed, post-yoga, on Sunday with coffee/chai and just be inspired by Lady O.

4). Scenes from Canyonlands



5). IMBIBE skincare!


OMG. I got the Perfect 9 cleansing oil and have been loving it this week! The oil smells and feels amazing, and has been really healing to my skin! I got sunburnt and just really dried out last week on trail, so it’s been so nice to heal it naturally. I often use Sesame Seed oil on my skin, but this has been really cool because it smells so good! Sometimes the sesame seed oil can make me smell like a stir fry. This smells incredible, and the bottle is the perfect size where I don’t feel bad using it twice a day!

What have you been loving this week?



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