May Resolutions (Happiness Project Continued)

Happy May!



I hope you are having a wonderful start to the month! I wanted to start out this week with some reflections on April and my resolutions for May.

April was about focus, and while I didn’t follow my goals rigidly, I did bring more awareness into how I spent my time and money. That was key for me. To be intentional and mindful about what I am doing. That also will go into my May resolution to be WHOLEHEARTED

This wholehearted living theme continues to come up for me in lots of places, so I know it’s a message I am supposed to receive. To be focused on Wholehearted living this month (and the months to follow) means I am going to put more attention, love, and mindfulness into how I spend my time and what I am doing.

One way I will be doing this is in the kitchen. When I’m cooking or making something, I want to just be focused on that. Putting love and attention into the food I am making. I find myself often multitasking in the kitchen, or playing on my phone while cooking food and I want to create more awareness into my cooking habits.

A big quote for me now is “practice makes perfect so be careful what you practice”

That’s something to drive this month of Wholehearted living, to be aware of what I am practicing and why I am doing certain things.

By being Wholehearted, I also want to put more time into writing, branch out and try new things around Salt Lake, and get more involved in the community I am already apart of.

Next month will be a big month for me, and this summer will come with many changes. By starting now to focus on mindfulness, bringing love and attention into what I’m doing, and just being more present in day to day life I can help avoid getting caught up in what’s to come. I can also be prepared for the changes that will come, because I will be more grounded in myself and what helps to keep me afloat.


I’m really excited about it all!

Do you have any goals or resolutions for May?



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