Holistic Tips for a Healthy Mouth

Your mouth is the gate to your digestion, and your inner health. I’ve heard it said before that the health of your mouth is a reflection of the health going on inside the body. Plus, there’s the whole wanting to have a pretty smile aspect of mouth health.


Before you run out and buy chemical laden products, I have a few simple tips on how to up the health of your mouth (and life)!

1). Tongue Scrap
This is an ancient practice of removing the white from your tongue. It is best done first thing in the morning, but you can definitely do it at any point in the day. By removing the white stuff, you are getting rid of excess bacteria and toxins that lead to bad breath and an unhealthy mouth. Tongue scrapping works so much better than a tooth brush, and is a simple way to remove excess toxins from your body each day. You can buy a tongue scrapper at your local health food store (I got mine from Whole Foods) or you can order one online here.

2). Oil Pulling
If you have sensitive gums, I definitely recommend developing an oil pulling routine. Even if you don’t there are incredible benefits to this practice. By swishing oil (I use coconut oil) around in your mouth for 20 minutes, you remove toxins, clean between the teeth and tongue, whiten teeth, and all without the use of chemicals! You can check out a video with a how-to here. I like to oil pull for 20 minutes in the morning (whenever I can, not every day!) and journal or read and hang out in bed. It’s a nice slow start to the day, and a wonderful act of health.

3). Use natural toothpaste.
You can make your own if you feel really adventurous, or you can use TOMS or another natural brand. If this is something you are putting in your body multiple times a day, you want it to be healthy!

smiling can automatically help you feel better and boosting your mood is so good (and important) to living a healthy life.

What do you do to keep care of your mouth?




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