Cool Guide Gear

Starting out as a wilderness therapy guide last year, I had no idea on what it would be like to spend more than half of my time outdoors.


In honor of returning to guide-life today, I wanted to share some of the extra things that guides add into their life to make trail life a little better. I consider this gear not at all necessary, but merely a sign that you are a cool guide.

(AKA this is the random stuff I bring on trail that I think is cool)

1). Ridiculously bright colored clothing

My favorite is a bright pink Northface fleece that I have worn on trail for months. Even after getting stuck and covered in quicksand/quickmud back in October, the pink has not faded. Maybe because I work mostly with males, or maybe because students wear all black, I feel the need to have annoyingly bright clothing while I’m out on trail.

2). A Crazy Creek

Such a luxury when you have a little seat wherever you go. This is one of the first pieces of random gear I bought, and continues to support me on trail. It can double as a sleeping pad, so maybe it’s not so ridiculous after all.

3). A coffee cup French-Press

Because instant coffee can get old pretty quick, and decent coffee is a luxury when you’re in the wilderness. I actually don’t drink coffee that often on trail, but this is one of those pieces of gear some guides adore having. I also just use this cup when I’m off trail because I don’t own a coffee maker.

4). A book filled with inspirational quotes.

My go-to is Laws of Spirit by Dan Millman

Especially when adding therapy into your trips, it’s nice to have something that you can rely on for inspiration when you need to boost morale or start a meaningful conversation.

4). Chacos

Because there is nothing better than that zig-zag Chaco tan line to show off how ridiculously cool your life is.

Do you have any random extra things you bring on adventures?




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