Monday Musings: Links I’m Loving

Happy Monday!

I wanted to start out the week by sharing some things I’m loving from around the internet. There’s so much good stuff out there.






You can treat your internet and social media exposure the same way you would treat a diet: add in the good stuff, crowd out the bad stuff.

Some good stuff to add in:

I love this post from Katie on Creating a Monthly Manifesto

Super Soul Sunday all about why age doesn’t mean anything

Simple Homemade Miso Soup. Yum.

Three Lessons I’ve Learned from Creating my Capsule Wardrobes.

An Introduction to Body Ecology (a recent topic through IIN)

President Obama’s Anger Translator

When “eating what you want” isn’t working. SO GOOD you guys!

Stoked to try this new skin care line.

Have a beautiful Monday!

What’s inspiring you lately?




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