Wellness Wednesday: Wholehearted Living

Happy Wednesday, loves!


I suppose I should have titled this Wholehearted Wednesday! This theme keeps popping up in my life, in random places, so I know it’s a message I am currently supposed to receive. It came up in a yoga class I went to recently, in a new book I started reading, and in my own personal life. Wholehearted Living. Living fully immersed, fully engaged, fully present and in love with what you’re doing.

showing or characterized by complete sincerity and commitment.

A quote that resonated with me recently while figuring out my job situation:

“The cure for exhaustion is not always rest. Sometimes it is to live wholeheartedly.”

It’s about tapping into your intuition, following your dreams and guidance, and then boldly committing to what you do. Rather than just wanting to skim by, you are fully committed and engaged in what you are doing.

It’s about living the life you love. Or figuring out how you can become fully immersed and fully love the life you currently have.

I’m still working on how to get to this point of living wholeheartedly. But, I’m committed to doing my best and really putting my effort into making this a priority.

How do you live wholeheartedly??


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