For when the climb is harder

There are days when the climb feels harder. There will be days when you want to rest. Days when you feel less than. Days that you feel weaker or uninspired. That’s okay. It means you are human. It means you can give yourself the love you need, and then keep going.


This is something that comes up in life, in adventures, and in work.

When I rock climb, I have days when I feel like a rock star. When I feel strong and fearless, and willing to try new problems, and really put my full heart and presence into the route.
Then there are days when I feel weak. I feel I can hardly climb a beginner route. When the wall feels taller, the holds feel crimpier (not a word?) and I feel weak. These are the most disheartening, frustrating, and trying times. These are the days I want to throw in the towel and never get on another rock ever again. I’m not good at it. Because all the hard work I put in to climbing has suddenly disappeared. Because what’s the point in putting in all that effort if I keep having days when I can barely even climb a 5’7?


Because there are better days ahead. Because I’m stronger than I was before, and any day I am willing to face my fears and push myself is a successful day.
Success isn’t measured by the grade (difficulty) of your climb, by the amount of money in your bank account, or by the amount of green smoothies you drink in a week.

It doesn’t matter how many miles you did or did not run this week.

It matters that you are willing to push through those times when you don’t feel invincible. When you don’t feel you can keep going, but you keep on living anyway.

I found out a few weeks ago someone I went to school with committed suicide. This news really broke my heart. This was a smart, kind, driven person. Their death just didn’t make any sense.
I was brokenhearted for their family, their friends, their last moments and what led them to that decision.

Then I was really brokenhearted that they wouldn’t see the future. I had no doubts their future was going to be bright.

I spoke to this person every day for four years, and had no idea how much they were suffering inside.

Since I never told my classmate, I’m here to tell you: keep going.

Incredible things lie ahead that we can’t even dream of. Just because today is difficult, doesn’t mean your whole life will be hard.

Brighter days lie ahead. Even on those days you feel weak or incapable, you are getting stronger. You have to keep going in order to see it.

SO much love to each of you.




  1. During trying times I do my best to find the beauty in the situation; trying to feel and own my feelings. Trying to find beauty in sunsets or a full moon, that I know someone I love far away is looking back. Although you may not see it, everyday you become a little stronger and wiser especially during times of trial.


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    1. Thank you so much for your beautiful words! You are so amazing and so wise! Still looking at the moon 🙂

      Also, I keep responding to your emails. Let me know when they finally go through!

      Love you to the moon and back!!! xoxox


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