Things I’m Loving Friday

Happy Friday!!

I hope you are closing out this week feeling accomplished, grateful, and guided. That’s where I’m at as I write this, and it is such a good place to be.

Things I’m so grateful for this week include:

Leftover Veggie Burgers for lunch.


I’ve mentioned it before, and I’ll mention it again, the Oh She Glows Cookbook is one of the most amazing cookbooks ever. There are so many recipes I make regularly now, that are so delicious, and time efficient. This veggie burger is just another example! I made a big batch on Sunday and was able to have leftovers for lunches all week. Such a great treat during the day!

Running after work


So, I’m not much of a runner. Or at least not someone who is naturally very fast, I go through a lot of phases with running. Usually it’s an “I hate this, but am doing it because I feel I have to” phase. This week, however, I was just running because I wanted a release. It was for de-stressing, getting movement after a long day, clearing my head, just running because that’s what my body was telling me I needed. Having that “I want to do this” mindset made a huge difference! I didn’t really care how fast or how long I went, I was just running to run. It made it so much more enjoyable, and it also helped me be able to run farther than I thought I could go.

The final pieces of my Spring Capsule wardrobe:

I found the store Madewell last month and fell in love with basically everything they sell. In order to finish my capsule, I got a few pieces that I really liked (and happened to be on sale)




I also have been loving grapefruits this week! I bought a few on Sunday, and they have been so perfectly ripe and lovely!


What have you been loving this week?







  1. Great week! Those veggie burgers…yum! Beautiful lake and you look beautiful yourself! This week I’m loving a kale hummus recipe I discovered, my “Warrior Goddess Training” book, and how much I’ve given myself permission to just relax and enjoy! Have a great weekend! Loved this! Weekly gratitude post perhaps? hehe

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    1. Jamie, your comments made my whole day! That “Warrior Goddess Training” book sounds AMAZING! It’s funny how it can be difficult to relax and enjoy, but it’s so necessary! Glad you are doing that for yourself!!!!! Gratitude is the attitude! 🙂 Have a great weekend ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Awww yay! That makes me so happy! It is! I’ll have to tell you the author when I get back to it. So necessary! Ooooh gratitude is the attitude- that’s pretty perfect. Love that! Have a great wkend too! Xo


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