Wellness Wednesday: April Resolutions

Happy Wednesday my dears!


Hooray for Chaco weather! This was my outfit for my Monday night walk, but I didn’t have pictures from my run last night. I’m in love with how comfortable that Madewell shirt is!

I hope you are having a wonderful morning! Happy first day of April (& April Fools!) In honor of the first day of the month, I wanted to share some of my resolutions for this month (continuing on my Happiness Project journey-you can read about it here). If you are interested in what this whole Happiness Project business is, you can check out a bunch of resources from Grechin Rubin here.

Last night, I went on the best run! I’m not much of a runner, but was feeling a need to burn off some steam after work. The minute I walked in the door, I changed into running clothes, laced up my shoes and was out the door in last than five minutes. It’s been a good while since I’ve gone for a run, but I was feeling fast. Maybe because I wasn’t running to “fit it in” I was running because that’s what my body (and mind) were telling me I needed. Whatever it that fire that had my legs going was, I felt a million times better when I got home! It was the perfect reintroduction to running after a long break, and in perfect timing as I will be trying to run more in the coming weeks.

I realized I’m not the only one with a sudden urge to go on evening runs in this wonderful spring weather, and was in good company. Everyone in the city seemed to be out running in the park along with me!

Since today is the first day of the month, I wanted to chat about my April goal to “FOCUS UP”

Essentially, the main idea behind this goal is to bring more mindfulness into my life. I’m using the word focus instead of mindfulness because I want to not only be present in the moment, but actually go out of my way to increase two specific areas of life. I’m going to be focusing this month on Finances and Friendships.

This is my intention for the month because these are two areas that I have been lacking in so far this year. I have a lot of long distance friendships all across the country, and often have a hard time giving the attention I ought to give these friends. I also have a lot of great friendships in my current city, but haven’t been as driven to spend time with these people due to work. My goal this month is to catch up with one long-distance friend per week, and to go on at least one friend date each week. This will add more drive to make those phone calls, write letters, and spend time with people I love.

I also want to bring more focus on my finances so I can break the habit of mindless spending, and create better saving habits. I have a lot of lofty goals for these next few years, and in order to make some of those travel and adventure goals happen, I’m going to need to have savings. One idea that is just a small part of savings is to put money I would have spent on a coffee/tea/drink into a savings jar and depositing that money into my savings account at the end of the month.

The Intervarsity group at my college did that as a fund raiser one year and people brought in a lot of money, so I think it’s a fun idea to try and break my weekly coffeeshop habit while also adding money to my savings.

My other financial goal is to ensure I am living to my budget. Since I have completed my Spring capsule, I have no excuse for buying anything extra this month. I’m excited to see if I can actually stick to my goals exactly

The last thing I am doing to help focus up is to start taking an algae ALA supplement. This is essentially the vegetarian equivalent to Fish Oil. I’ve been feeling a bit brain foggy this past month and am curious is this supplement can help keep my brain on track. Last night I went to pay for gas, and the moment I slid my debit card I couldn’t remember my pin number. You know that four digit number I’ve used on a daily basis for the past few years, yeah I totally blanked! It’s happened to me before, usually due to stress! However, I’m interested to see how I feel incorporating more ALA fats in my diet.

April Resolution: FOCUS UP

-Stick to budget exactly

-No extra purchases

-Keep receipts and each week write down/keep track of spending

-Put money I would spend on a coffee/tea/smoothie/drink  into savings

-Go on one friend date each week

-Catch up with one long-distance friend each week

-Start taking an ALA supplement and see how it feels

Do you have any goals for April?

I hope you have a wonderful day!




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