A look back on March Goals

Happy Monday!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are feeling ready to tackle another week! My weekend was really wonderful! I had the perfect balance of play and work.


When I woke up Friday morning I had full intentions of spending my Friday night with an avocado sushi roll and a rom com on Netflix. By lunch, I got a text from a friend with an invitation to go to some hot springs and camp out. Spending Friday night and Saturday soaking in hot springs and in nature was just what the doctor ordered. I have really missed spending time under the sun and the starts since leaving wilderness therapy, and was far overdo for my adventure fix. On Sunday I went climbing for the first time in quite some weeks, and was struggling to get up the walls! It felt good to work my climbing muscles and push myself. I also spent the day doing errands, meal prepping, and completing the last few items for my spring capsule wardrobe.

Since tomorrow is the last day of March (holy cow!) I wanted to reflect on some of my March Resolutions.

My goal this month was to Clean Up, and with reflection I am seeing that it was really about making space. I’m in a big area of transition in my  life, living area, work, everything. This month was about clearing out any clutter weighing me down as I prepare to make some changes over the coming months. That’s really what Spring is all about anyway.


I first began by creating a natural cleaning solution made from vinegar and water (which I added essential oils to in order to smell better). This was an easy, but really awesome first step because I tend to clean the kitchen counters and bathrooms a lot, and wanted to detoxify what I was breathing in and what I was putting out into the environment.

Next, I went to tackle my room. I know I’ll be moving at some point in the coming months and I wanted to get rid of as much stuff as possible. The main thing I have to get rid of is clothes. So I spent a Saturday cleaning out my closet and starting my first capsule wardrobe. I’m still really stoked on this! It has cleared out so much space in my room! I was able to better get rid of unnecessary things, and have packed away all my winter clothes. It is so nice to look into my closet each morning and not feel overwhelmed. I also have a much easier time picking out what I am going to wear! Basically, this capsule wardrobe was the highlight of my month!

As far as sugar intake goes, I feel I really didn’t make any progress. Last week I got into the habit of drinking magnesium (natural calm) instead of reaching for something sweet to eat, so that was really awesome. I have also been able to use stevia/honey/maple syrup at home. That’s been a nice improvement! This is a goal I will continue to work on in April.

My meditation practice hasn’t been very consistent this month. I have been doing May Cause Miracles in the morning and evenings, and that has taken up the time I’d like to meditate. If I do meditate, it is usually a short guided meditation from Heather Waxman’s Soul Sessions.

All in all, I feel I was really productive this month. I appreciated being more conscious of the cleaners I use, and love how easy and cheap it is to make a vinegar and water solution. I am so happy to have space in my room after getting rid of a bunch of clothes and being more intentional about my closet. I also got in the habit of actually styling my hair in the mornings, and that is always a plus!

I’m off to work! Have a wonderful Monday!

Did you set any goals this month? Or any ideas on goals you will be setting next month??



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