Things I’m Loving Friday


I hope you day is off to a great start! I started feeling the Friday vibes when I came home last night and one of my roommates was eating dinner in our backyard. The weather was absolutely perfect, and I feel so relaxed and ready to enjoy some time away from work!

In typical Friday fashion, I am sharing some things I am grateful for and loving!

1). Morning Pages


I mentioned this on Wednesday, but I have been waking up a bit early (like 20-30 minutes earlier than usual) to write three pages of random thoughts. These don’t have to flow in any way or make sense. It’s just writing whatever has come to mind. It allows you to clear you mind, and maybe make connections and insights into your purpose. I’ve really enjoyed the process, and have felt more relaxed and inspired throughout the day.

2). A smaller closet

I mentioned that I have created my first capsule wardrobe, and it has been so nice! I have extra hangers in my closet, when before I never seemed to have enough, and it takes much less time to get ready in the morning. I also was able to donate and consign my old clothes, which allowed me to make a few extra bucks and create much more space in my life.

3). This interview with Oprah

This is a student led interview with Oprah which delves deeply into topics such as finding your purpose. One of my favorite quotes from this video: “align your personality with your purpose, and no one can touch you.” SO GOOD.

4). This album


Always. It makes the most wonderful morning soundtrack


5). Making and keeping promises to myself

This is on not a tangible thing to picture, but I have a goal to work on my commitments to myself. I used to say “I should” to myself a lot, and then feel guilty for not following through on whatever I felt I ought to do. Instead, when I am writing my to-do lists, I am attempting to be more purposeful and full of intention. It allows me to keep the promises I make for myself, and in general feel more weight off my shoulders. For example, I made the commitment to do Morning Pages every day this week, and was able to follow through even when it was really hard to wake up!

6). Sushi Friday


This is how I spent my evening last Friday, with a cucumber avocado roll from Whole Foods and a rom com on Netflix. I am intending to do something quite similar tonight, so perhaps Sushi Friday is becoming a thing?

Some fun articles to check out around the web:

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What things have you been loving this week?





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