Wellness Wednesday: Finding Calm in the midst of Chaos

Happy Wednesday, friends!
This week has started off rather chaotic on my end. I am currently working at an elementary school, and spend most of my time with preschoolers. It’s a fun job to be around cute kids all day, but it is also really tiring to be around 3 year olds for eight hours a day. As I continue to get more chances to teach, my evenings are started to require time for lesson planning. This has really started filling up my schedule!

I wanted to touch on some things I’m doing to find sanity and peace in the midst of crazy weeks!

As I’ve said before, self-care is huge for me! I am a definitely introvert and need lots of time and space alone in order to recharge. Especially since I spend all day working with other people. Here’s some things I’ve been finding super helpful to help me recharge and prepare for my days:

1). Morning Pages


This is something I started this week, and it’s been really awesome! Morning Pages are a time you spend first thing when you wake up to just free write three pages. It doesn’t have to make sense or even flow. You literally just write things as they come up in your mind. NO one else will be reading these, so feel free to get really honest. Though a lot of the pages will be full of nonsense and maybe to-do lists, there will also be hidden bursts of insight as well. No need to force this insight, it will come naturally on it’s own. Writing first thing in the morning as you wake up offers a time to be really vulnerable. The ego hasn’t had the time to put up walls to guard. Go with it! It allows realize and a clearer mind before starting the day!

2). Find a way to MOVE


I know this not only helps release endorphins (which make you happy- read in Elle Woods voice) it also allows you to focus attention on yourself and your body. It’s a time to connect with your body and really get in touch with how you are feeling. If you have trouble sleeping at night, this can be especially helpful. I know I sleep so much better on days I exercise vs. days I do not. That pent up energy needs to go somewhere!

3). Listen to things that make you feel better.


For me this week, it’s Jason Mraz’s YES and Heather Waxman’s Soul Sessions. You can find both on iTunes or Spotify, and both instantly put me in a better mood. Heather Waxman has created the most beautiful meditation music I have ever heard! It’s so lovely, raw, and relevant! The music is stunning and the meditations are extremely centering and powerful. Be sure to check it out! I have been loving to meditate to one specific song, where I actually sit in stillness, and listen to the rest of the album as I get ready or drive to work. It’s such a lovely way to start the day!

4). Breath


In the midst of chaos you can pause for a moment to allow an internal shift from fear to love, a miracle as Gabby Bernstein would say! Just take a deep breath, focus on releasing negative emotions and thoughts on the exhale, and inhaling love and peace. It’s a simple way to change your thought patterns, emotions, and experience of the moment. Those subtle shifts cause powerful changes to your life!

5). Get Inspired


Whether you’re into listening to podcasts, reading a Devotional or spiritual scripture when you start the day, make time for it! It’s so critical to say connected to your spiritual practice to find more meaning and connection in your daily life.

Question of the day: What things do you incorporate in your day to recharge? How to you add inspiration, creativity, and love into your day?

SO much love,





  1. Morning pages are awesome. I feel so much more grounded when I start my day that way. Follow that with a few pages of some inspirational reading and I’m good to go! I like to take time to make myself a good breakfast too. Start my day off on the right foot. Good read! 🙂


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