Tasty Tuesday: Veggie Marinara

So you want to start cooking more

…but feel a little overwhelmed.

This is something I was thinking of this weekend. So many people want to start creating more space for healthier food- but may feel intimidated about how to actually cook. A crtiical step in healthy eating is making your own food. It may not always be possible, and that’s totally cool! However, getting connected in the kitchen on how to make foods and what you put into your foods is life changing! Seriously, you can add so many more veggies, and take out any unnecessary things you don’t want in your food. Plus, you can energetically add love to the food your making, and create a sense of connection and pride into your meals.

Some things to consider when starting to cook for yourself more: be willing to experiment! Get a cookbook or look at food blogs you really like. Without making cooking something daunting and full of pressure, make it fun! If you don’t like to do things alone, invite your friends, roommates, family, and loved ones in on the action. If you live or prefer to cook alone, feel free to save leftovers so you have more food options throughout the week!

Also, I find having a “go to” meal to make when I’ve had a long day is super helpful. You always have ingredients to make this meal on hand, and it is something that is easy and doesn’t take much time.

My current go-to is the meal below:


My first tip on how to feel like you can cook amazing food: sauté garlic! This also happens to be step one of this meal.

Veggie Marinara Option One

1 clove garlic, minced

1 tsp-1Tbs coconut oil

1 cup kale

1 cup broccoli

small handful button mushrooms (thinly sliced)

1 cup black beans

1-2 cups your favorite pasta sauce (check the label! Get something that is more natural and has less added sugar and salt)

Handful cherry tomatoes

Veggie Marina Option Two

replace veggie above with your favorite veggies or with a mixed bag of frozen veggies. Make it your own! The above is really a guideline, feel free to adjust to fit your own tastebuds and needs!


To Make:

Step one: Add 1 tsp-1 Tbs of coconut oil to a large sauce pan, once oil is melted add  in one clove of garlic that is minced. Move the garlic around while it cooks to be sure it doesn’t burn, and after one or two minutes add in the next part of your meal. The garlic should be brown but not burnt.

Simply sautéing garlic not only creates a wonderful smell that will have people impressed, it also adds an immune and nutrient boost to your foods!

Step two: Add in whatever veggies you like! My go to: kale, broccoli, cherry tomatoes and mushrooms.. You can also just add in a bag of frozen vegetables and sauté until they are thawed. If desired, add in a handful of cherry tomatoes.

Step three: While your veggies are cooking, heat about 1-2 cups of your favorite (hopefully natural without added sugars and minimal salt) pasta sauce. My go to is usually tomato and basil. Cook in a pan until warm. Alternately, you can just add the sauce into your veggies once they are sautéed to your liking. Add in a cup of canned black beans that have been drained and rinsed.

Step four: Enjoy!

Voila! you have not only created a wonderfully tasting meal, you also have created something that can easily up your veggie intake while still filling you up.



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