Creating my first capsule wardrobe

Happy Monday, friends!


I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and that you were able to spend some time enjoying the spring weather! It has been really gorgeous in Salt Lake, and I have been feeling very lucky to go outside and not even need a sweater!

This weekend was super productive for me, and I was able to get serious about my March goal to clean up by doing some spring cleaning. I knew I wanted to get rid of as much clothing and junk as possible to create more physical space in my life. In Feng Shui, they often say that opening up physical space translates to opening up (energetic/loving) space in your life.
When I decided to finally get down to business and start cleaning this weekend, I did some research about capsule wardrobes. I kept reading about capsule wardrobes in different blogs, and was really intrigued at the idea of minimizing your wardrobe. This is a great source to get some more information/inspiration on how to build your own capsule wardrobe.

The jest of it: you pick a number of articles of clothing you are going to keep in your closet to wear for the next three months (i.e. a season). This number is often between 27-37, and includes bottoms, tops, dresses, jackets, and shoes. This list does not include workout clothing or pajamas or accessories (and obviously, it doesn’t include underwear).

You decide which articles to keep based on the season/weather and your own style. Then, you either donate the rest or store it until 3 months pass and you re-do your capsule. So, if you really love your boots and winter sweaters-no fear, just store them until next winter!

I found this process of choosing my 37 articles to be really helpful in allowing me to get rid of things I had been holding around to for a while. I realized a lot of what I hold on to is “oh, just in case” or “but I really liked it when I bought it” or whatever. It was freeing to think, hey if I only have 15 shirts for the next three months, this one is never going to make the cut.

Sometimes I hold on to things, like gifts, out of guilt. It can be hard to get rid of something, but why hold on to it if you never wear it?

It is also a reminder to purge your closet of things that don’t fit you. It’s easy to hold on to those jeans that don’t fit because you “are using it as inspiration to loose weight.” The truth, you’re using it as a subtle daily reminder that you aren’t good enough as you are right now. You are allowing that to weigh on you every time you open your closet, and you are allowing this to take up space in your life. It’s time to let it go. Open your space for things that fit and make you feel wonderful, exactly as you are now.Ā 

My coach Amanda has reminded me that you have to treat yourself the way you want to feel in the future. You have to love yourself as you are now if you want to feel better in your body in the future. There’s no time to wait to love yourself and treat yourself the way you ought to be treated. You don’t have to loose weight or be a certain size, it’s all about loving the journey and embracing who you are in this moment.

So, while you are working on your spring cleaning, be willing to let go of things that holding you back and taking up unnecessary space. Let go and open up to what may come next.

Other resources to check out for how to build a capsule wardrobe:

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A peak into an amazing closet (and inspiration for summer clothes)

Question of the day: would you ever try a capsule wardrobe? Do you find it hard to let go of certain things, even if you don’t use it or even like it?

I hope you have a beautiful day!





  1. Hi Ashley. I actually use a capsule wardrobe and have been for the past year. I have one for each season. I really helps to reduce the amount of clothes you own and makes sure everything gets worn. Personally, I don’t have problems letting things go…I’m a Professional Organizer and I actually help others learn to let go. šŸ™‚ Great post. Have a super day!


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