Things I’m Loving Friday!

Happy Friday, friends!

I am really feelin the Friday vibes today! I’m super excited to mix things up at work and work with kindergarteners (it’s the little things, right) and to get started on my weekend! I hope you all had a wonderful week, and are able to start off this Friday with so much gratitude and love. What better way to start your weekend???

In typical Friday fashion, here’s some things I’ve been LOVING this past week:



#GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso has been super inspiring. Her journey is incredible and I love how raw and honest she is about how she came to be CEO of a super successful business. Despite the fact I feel really silly reading a book that has a # in the title when I’m in public, it has been a truly great read. If you are looking for entrepreneurial inspiration, or in general inspiration on how to rock you life, this book is great.

I have also been loving this Dry Shampoo by The Choosy Chick


Full transparency: I hardly wash my hair during the week. It is a struggle enough for me to shower every single day, let alone take the time to deal with my wet hair. I think the wilderness girl inside of me comes out in her glory, refusing to shower when she’s already so clean living indoors and all. Plus, if I want to have time to rinse off AND style my hair in the morning, washing it just can’t happen. This is where this magical dry shampoo comes in. Not only does it smell fantastic, it helps my hair not look as if it hasn’t been washed in quite a few days, and allows me the time I need if I choose to style it. #winning all around.

Still in love with evening walks to my favorite park

The chia “doughnuts” from the Oh She Glows Cookbook have also been an amazing morning (or afternoon, or dessert) treat!



I adore listening to podcasts, and now that I actually drive every day, the radio can get awfully redundant. I’ve been using radiolab podcasts to help inspire and inform my drive to work in the morning. The podcasts are really engaging, informational, and completely free to download. Check it out.

Hey, Women’s Health, I’m trying to raise a girl who actually likes her body. Super passionate article to read about the media and how it effects body image of girls and women at any age.

Cool video to check out about dealing with difficult people.

Still loving this smoothie

And these cookies continue to be the best dessert in the history of ever. Really, they taste just like tollhouse cookies without the refined sugar or flour. So good.

What things have you been loving this week? How do you express gratitude each week?

Have an amazing start to your weekend, loves!




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  1. This week I started the new, free Oprah Deepok Chopra 21 Day Meditation series on success. So far, I am loving it. I’m excited to read #GIRLBOSS. Thanks for the suggestion!


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