Gearing Up for Spring

Happy Wednesday, my loves!


I hope your week has started off on a very loving and inspired note. I know for myself, when I set the intention of being a vehicle for extending light and love, I naturally have more patience, kindness, enthusiasm, and well love. It’s easier to enjoy where I’m at, and to truly engage with those around me.

After coming home from work around 6:30 and going for a long evening walk in short sleeves, I am feeling spring in the air! It’s been so lovely to be able to unwind by getting some fresh air, vitamin D, and movement in my life. I know living in Salt Lake City is not permanent for me, so it’s so lovely to soak up the beauty around me.


I love changing seasons. They always seem to change at just the right time, and give me exactly what I need. This spring could not be more accurate. I’m so ready for more sunlight, more time outdoors, more fresh fruits and veggies, and letting go of the heaviness of winter.

Ever since studying Ayurvedic traditions in my Yoga Teacher Training, I now understand Spring as a time for cleansing and renewal. It’s the time to let go of the heaviness of winter, get rid of that which is no longer serving you, and open up to possibility. It’s about getting outside more, eating more fresh foods, and physically and emotionally getting rid of anything that may have served you through the winter (&before) but is now holding you back.

It’s about release, making space, and opening up.

Some simple tips to incorporate into your Spring Cleaning/ Spring Cleansing:
1). Allow time to reflect where you’re at. In life, in relationships, in your career, physically, everything. Be willing to witness some patterns you have that are rooted in fear, and know you are ready to let go of those. Why continue patterns that are no longer serving you? You can use this time to release old fearful patterns, and begin practicing new loving patterns. This can also just mean giving yourself time to decompress, to get real and open with yourself. Starting a journal is a really great tool to witness and release some fearful thoughts and patterns and discover what you may be needing to replace it with.

2). Get some fresh air. If possible, take your workouts outside. Go for short (or long) walks during the day. I have been loving going for walks after work as a time to decompress from the day, and tune back into myself. If nothing else, try and open your windows and allow new fresh air to flood into your house.

3). Incorporate more fresh fruits and veggies into your meals. Spring is the time of blossoming flowers, fresh berries, and so much tasty fruit. Allow your body to transition from eating heavier winter foods to lighter foods easily. Maybe just eating berries on the side of your breakfast, or as a snack is a good start. Otherwise, eat some salads (if greens are harsh on your stomach, feel free to sauté them in some coconut oil for a bit).
Maybe try adding smoothies to your breakfasts, as a way to start the day with a huge burst of energy. I’m obsessed with this green smoothie.

4). Reach out to those you love. It’s important to continue to put love and time into our relationships. Invite a friend or family member on one of your walks, go play frisbee outside, join a running club, meet up with a group that practices yoga outdoors.

5). Experiment with making lunch your biggest meal. Out culture often emphasizes the importance of dinner, but Ayurvedic practice compares digestive fire with the sun. The sun is at it’s peak hight in the middle of the day, which is when digestion is strongest. Plus, having enough fuel during your day is a great way to help avoid energy crashes. Transitioning to eating a bigger lunch can feel weird at first, but your body will be grateful at night. When it isn’t so burdened with digestive processed, your body can better repair other parts of your body, which is what rest is really all about.

6). Get rid of things in your physical space that are weighing you down. It’s those little tasks that you still haven’t got around to, but are energetically weighing you down. Start to take care of those! OR those jeans in your closet that have always been too small but you keep in your closet as some kind of reminder to loose weight. GET RID OF THEM. Don’t allow your past self to punish who you are now. Be willing to let go of that ideal, and embrace the body you are currently in.
A cool rule of thumb: when cleaning out your closet, if it doesn’t make you happy the minute you look at it, get rid of it. It’s okay to let things go. You are making space for more opportunity and possibility. Physically clearing space can make you feel more open and less burdened. Try it!

7). Try replacing one of your cups of coffee with warm water with lemon. This is a drink that can help start your digestive fire in the morning, add some vitamin C and hydration to your morning routine, and start off your day with extra nutrients and a reminder to treat yourself well.

8). Use a tongue scraper in the morning to get off the layer of bacteria from your tongue in the morning. If you don’t have a tongue scraper, just use a spoon and run it over your tongue to remove the layer of film that builds up over night.

9). Add plants and flowers to your rooms. Even just some bamboo can help increase the energy of your room! It is a nice reminder to surround yourself with beauty in life.

10). Replace your cleaning products with more natural stuff. It’s time to replace toxic cleaners with simple, cheaper, less toxic water and vinegar. Here’s a super sick website for all things green cleaning. I made a water and vinegar cleaning solution for the first time last weekend, and it’s been an amazing addition. SO much better than chemical stuff. I am planning to add some Orange Essential Oil to help brighten up the scent.

Here is a really great article on Spring Cleaning Ayurvedic style.

What are you doing for your health to gear up for Spring?

Have a beautiful day!





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