Things I’m Loving Friday!

Happy Friday!

I hope your day is off to a beautiful start! I love ending the week with gratitude and sharing some things that have brought lots of joy to my week. This week has been about stepping up my game and teaching at work, getting outside to wind down in the evenings, and catching up with old friends. Very successful, if I do say so myself.

This week I have rekindled my love for Matisyahu so here’s a song to listen to while you read:

I was lucky enough to be well stocked from the grocery store last week that I didn’t need to go this week. My go-to lunch has been kale and quinoa. Typical.



And my go to breakfasts have alternated between my “superfood oats” and green smoothies. Both have been delicious and a pleasant way to start the day!




I adore this instagram post. It’s so important to find the middle path and be kind to yourself.


This week on the blog I went deep about how to find balance in healthy living. You can check out those posts to read more insights from my experience:

The Middle Path and Simple Steps Toward Healthier Living

I also love this interview on Challenging Beauty Standards. So good. Something I’ve been incorporating in my life is to look at more plus size models, and have pictures of people of all sizes in my Instagram feed. It can feel really overwhelming and demeaning if your whole feed is filled with people of one size and perfect abs. That’s not the whole story with people’s bodies! Don’t be afraid to look around and see the beauty that is everywhere! This website is a cool place to get inspired!

I have also been loving being able to scrape up healthy meals based on what I have on hand. I am now convinced the simplest way to make a healthy meal and feel like a great cook: sauté garlic in some coconut oil! It smells amazing and will add great flavor to your food. Then just add your favorite veggies, top your veggies with balsamic vinegar and your favorite spices. Maybe add some grains if you want, but BAM, healthy meal done!

My favorite quote this week: “Practice makes perfect, so be careful what you are practicing”

What things have you been loving this week?

Hope you have a beautiful start to your weekend!





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