Simple Steps to Healthier Living

Sometimes the idea of eating healthy can be so overwhelming, you don’t want to  put the energy into making any lifestyle changes. If you’re feeling stuck, here’s some simple steps toward healthier living.


My tips for taking simple healthy steps each day:

1). Say kind things to yourself! This is a step that is easy to overlook, but can be so powerful! Get clear about the dialogue that’s going on in your head each day, and see if you can add some more love into your words to yourself.

2). Keep healthy foods on hand, and create a general idea of things you can eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Having an idea of what to make when you come home super hungry, and having access to healthy foods in your eyesight when you open up the fridge and cupboards will help you make healthier choices.

For example:

Have smoothie ingredients or ingredients for oatmeal on hand for breakfast throughout the week.

Have lots of veggies, salad mixings, grains, protein, whatever on hand to make  lunches easily.

Have an idea of your favorite dinner foods: maybe it’s salad, pasta, soup, quinoa whatever you love to eat in the evenings.

You can mix up and add flavor to foods by using spices. Spices are a healthy way to add flavor, and often they add extra nutrition to your food! Slowly build up your spice shelf so you can constantly add variety of flavors to your food! Some of my favorites: turmeric, cayenne pepper, sea salt, and garlic.


3). Slow down your meals, and really chew. Be mindful and grateful for the food you are eating. One of my favorite mantras to say before meals, “I bless this food and this food blesses me.”

4). Evaluate your breakfast and lunch. Often times having a bigger lunch and smaller dinner will help keep energy levels and digest at its peak during the day. Test out if you feel better eating more protein or less protein at breakfast or lunch. Everyone is different, figure out what works for you!

5). Move in a way that you love. You don’t have to go from not exercising at all, to going to crossfit or doing HIIT workouts 6 days a week. You will cause more harm than good for your body if you go too hard, and make working out torturous and out of fear. It is more sustainable, and often more life supporting to find ways you can move that make you feel amazing. Maybe it means you just go for a short walk every day, great! Get in touch with your body and give it what it needs.


6). If you notice eating veggies is difficult, try to add some veggies to two of your meals each day. Whenever possible greens are a great option, but it is so good to keep variety and color in your meals.

7). Try to get outside for at least 15 minutes each day.

8). If you struggle to eat breakfast in the morning, try a small smoothie to give your body nutrients to start your day with. If you wake up wanting a heavier breakfast, but don’t have the time to make something have some overnight oats ready to go. If mornings are crazy for you, it’s so nice to just grab your breakfast and go in the morning,


9). Get in the kitchen and experiment! Though cooking can sometimes seem overwhelming, make it a fun event! Pick out things that are simple, yet super tasty. Get connected to the food you are putting into your body. Put love and energy into your food, and you will be able to better appreciate it and be more mindful of what you are eating.

10). Know that relationships, your career, you connection to the world around you, your thoughts, spirituality, and all other aspects of life are just as (IF NOT MORE) important than the food you eat. If you find you can’t get rid of a craving by changing diet alone, it is because you might be lacking something in another area of your life. For example, if you can’t seem to get over cravings for sweet foods, evaluate the sweetness in your life. Do you need to spend more time with people you love and who love you? Do you need to say kinder things to yourself, and stop the negative self-talk? Is there something lacking in any area of your life that you can add sweetness to? Do you need to re-evaluate your time so you can do something you love more often? Get clear, your body is sending you a message!

What are your tips for becoming healthier? I’d love to hear them!





  1. I love to take a walk during my lunch hour these days. Spring is in the air here in the Sierras and it is invigorating to my spirit to get out there and watch it happen. 🙂


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