Monday Musings

Good morning!


I hope your Monday is off to a beautiful start!  I must admit this Monday is particularly hard for me after a fun weekend in California, and a late Sunday night flight home, and daylight savings (which I’m actually super stoked on!) this Monday morning is a bit more difficult than usual.

It was so great to spend the weekend surrounded by people I love, and to get some warm California sun. 70 degree sunny weather felt so refreshing, and had me yearning for spring weather even more than I already was.  I spent my weekend outside playing games, talking, and going on a few short (but beautiful) hikes. I would say it was quite successful!

I wanted to start off this morning with some fun things I have been enjoying around the web, and I hope you find these links as inspiring as I have.



This mantra is super helpful to me whenever I am feeling a bit overwhelmed and as if I have too much to do. This was a constant mantra for me in college, and continues to inspire and encourage me during days that feel a bit overwhelming.

Some links to meander through on this Monday:

This article about Dealing with Weight as a Social Issue is such a good read. Check it out by clicking this link.

Reality check about working out. If you workout, I highly suggest reading this article by one of my favorite people, Amanda Gyuran.

Love this reminder about living life to the fullest. Another great read.

Tips for how to workout in the morning (without dreading it).

Times when Fitspiration got it wrong, read this. It’s so much better than pictures that try to make you feel bad about yourself, or not good enough.

I’m still loving this book about how to create holistic space. It’s full of super easy tips for transforming your living space into something beautiful, and aligned with you intentions. 


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