Thursday Inspiration

I don’t know about you, but this week has been rather exhausting! I love doing these Thursday Inspiration posts because I feel like they give me an energy boost when I might feel a slump in the week. This week is all about confidence, and getting the messages you need to feel inspired and loving yourself so you can continue to shine your light to the world.

Some  Inspiration for your Thursday:








Since this is my first week at a new job, lots of insecurities about not knowing what I’m doing or feeling bit out of place has come up. My big message this morning to myself (and hey, maybe you need it to) is to be confident and know you are enough.

Other inspiring things around the net:

This post about habits that can screw up your fitness life. So good.

The album Yes! by Jason Mraz has been huge in starting out my mornings on a great note this week.

Necessary fixes to Fitspiration. 

Cool article on Mind Body Green.

Have a beautiful day.

So much love,





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