Quick Full Body Cardio Workout

Hey hey!

I hope your Wednesday is off to a great start!

(meal prep overnight oats with raw cacao for the win!)

I shared earlier this week that I have started a new job, so I’m pretty stoked to start day three. Fun fact,  this is my first 8-5, “normal” schedule job. This schedule has brought back my old drive to hit the gym and get a workout in before starting my work for the day. In college I was an adamant 6 am gym-goer, and this new schedule has me back in that groove.

Though I still love my 6 am barre classes, I also wanted to mix up my workouts and start going to the gym to move in other ways. Since I have a bit of a drive to get to work, I wanted to work my full body in a quick amount of time. This workout should take about 30 minutes, but you can always vary it as needed. The awesome thing is it incorporates cardio, strength and all the areas of your body you want to work. Always adjust to meet your own bodies needs, and be sure you can handle this type of workout.

I’m so excited for you guys to try this out and would love to hear what you think.

Full Body Cardio Quickie

5 minute warm up–you can walk or do a light jog, whatever feels good

25 push-ups (you can do these on your knees, or if push-ups are your thing go for a full minute)

1 minute plank (again feel free to drop on your knees if you need, or increase/decrease time depending on where you’re at in the moment)

25 bicycle crunches

30 second side plank, each side (modifications would be to drop one or both knees, put one foot out in front of the other, or stack both feet)

10 tricep dips at a normal pace

hold one tricep dip half-way down, or wherever you really feel the work  (your “challenge zone”)and do ten pulses

finish off with another 8 normal pace tricep dips

Head back to your cardio machine of choice (or if at home jump rope or jog in place or jump, whatever gets your heart going)

Repeat 5 minute cardio with the rest of the moves 2-3 times, however many times feels good to you.

As you can tell, I hope you feel a lot of freedom to adjust this to meet your own needs. Every day is different, just trust that your body is so wise and will lead you to do what is best for you. If you want to see what the exercise is, just click the link to see a video explaining form for that exercise.

I do hope this inspires and challenges you in really great ways.

Let me know what you think!




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