Tasty Tuesday: Miso Quinoa Bowl

Happy Tuesday!

I hope your day is off to a beautiful start, and you are feeling inspired this first week of March.


I’ve been making a lot of my lunches and dinners based on The Oh She Glows Cookbook, and have been loving her amazing recipes. I highly recommend checking her out for incredible, and easy, recipe ideas!

The following recipe is inspired by her Orange Miso Dressing, from the cookbook,and has been a lunch favorite for me the past few days. It was perfect to prep ahead of time and take to work with me, yesterday.


Miso Quinoa Bowl

1/2 cup quinoa (more or less depending on how much you eat)

a few handfuls shredded kale

1/4 cup or a few handfuls unshelled Edamame

Orange Miso dressing to taste (recipe below)


Orange Miso Dressing:

3 Tbs Miso paste

1 Tbs sesame seed oil

2 Tbs white vinegar

the juice of one orange (or 1/4 cup orange juice)

1 tsp maple syrup (optional)

To make: cook quinoa as directed (to have enough to eat two of these bowls use 1 cup uncooked quinoa, cook in 2 cups water. Bring to bowl, cover and simmer for 15 minutes). If  raw kale doesn’t feel so good in your stomach, lightly look kale in sesame seed oil, with water, or will an oil that can handle heat (olive oil typically is not the best with heat, but do what you gotta do). Heat edamame if you have a frozen bag of it (I got mine from Trader Joe’s) to heat, just add to boiling water and cook for five minute or until beans are warm. Place quinoa, kale, and edamame in a plate or bowl once everything is heated. Blend all ingredients for Miso dressing in blender. Top your bowl of quinoa, kale, and edamame goodness with dressing to taste.

Why miso? Fermented foods add to the good bacteria in your gut, which will not only help you better digest food but can also improve your immune system.

I hope you enjoy, let me know what you think!

Have a beautiful day!




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