Monday Musings: March Resolutions

Happy Monday!

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I hope your week is starting off while a whole lot of love! Since this is the first week of March, I thought I would share my March Resolutions with you guys.

This is the third month of my goal for a Year of Living a Courageous and Happy Life.

You can check out my February Resolutions here.

My original Happiness Project post here.

And to get an idea of starting your own Happiness Project, check out Grechen Rubin’s outline here. You can see all of her resources for how to get started here.


My March Resolution: Clean UP

This resolution is created to help create clarity and space in my life. I also am attempting to reduce toxins, increase mindfulness, and continue following intuition.

Main Goals for the month:

-Replace toxic cleaners with natural ones.

-Keep a clean and organized living space, and get rid of anything unnecessary.

-Keep finances on track and be mindful with money.

-Focus on meal planning and adding in lots of nutrient rich fruits and veggies to have greater      diversity in meals.

-Continue reducing sugar intake.

-Prioritize meditation.

-Improve posture, lead with the heart.

-Take time into getting ready for the day.

-Wash off the day.

A song to start your day off with (plus, super cute video)

I’m off to enjoy one of these chia power muffins from the OSG Cookbook, and to start my first day at the new job!


What are your goals for this week or month? I’d love to hear them!

Have a beautiful day!





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