Sunday Scenes

Happy Sunday!

I hope your weekend has been awesome, and relaxing! As usual, here’s some of the scenes from my past week:











Some highlights from my week include getting ready to start a new job on Monday (tomorrow!), cooking awesome meals from the Oh She Glows cookbook, so much barre, and even some brief hints of winter here in Utah! We finally got snow, and then it  sadly melted the same day. I think it’s a sign to bring on spring!

I have also been super stoked to hear your guys thoughts and experiences in the comment section. Keep it coming! Your stories and insights are so beautiful!

This week, I took an idea to “take bake Sunday” (you know, like the band!) and spread out week preparations so you don’t just spend Sunday doing work. Often times I can get so caught up trying to have everything set for the week, suddenly Monday hits and it felt like I didn’t have a weekend. Don’t get me wrong, I love starting out the week with everything set and ready to go! I just used this whole weekend to contribute to that process, rather than doing it all in one day.

My plans for today include trying out another new church, cooking up some vegetable curry, and hitting up a yoga class.

What were the highlights of your week?

Have a beautiful first day of March (WOAH!)




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  1. I’m completing something off my Goals for March list today! Hosting a knitting workshop at my house – – we’ll be knitting/felting some Easter baskets!! Feels good to be productive and getting to actually do some ideas instead of just thinking about them. 🙂 Happy Sunday!!


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