Things I’m Loving Friday


Happy Friday! I hope your Friday morning is off to a beautiful start!

I love doing these “Things I’m Loving Friday” posts, as it is a great way to reflect on good things that happened throughout the week and end the work-week with gratitude.

Bringing back an old favorite: Avocado toast, and then adding all the spices:

Having Flowers in my room, and re-reading Gabrielle Bernstein. I’m actually working my way through May Cause Miracles, but Miracles Now is fun to have on hand.


Enjoying another old favorite:  oats with almond butter and chia seeds. So good!


Speaking of oats, I’m stoked to try out this oat pancake from Gina! 

Reading for the fun of it!


So I have a habit of only reading (or mostly reading) books that are about nutrition or health or are in some way educational. This week I have been reading just for fun before bed, and it’s really nice to close out the day with something enjoyable that won’t get my brain turning too much before bed. My book of choice this week is Wild by Cheryl Strayed.

Heather Waxman’s Soul Sessions. Heather created these beautiful meditations last year, and I would listen to them all the time. This week I have brought them back to enjoy. The meditations are five minutes or less and have beautiful music and lyrics. It’s such a lovely way to start out the day.

I also have been making a big effort to keep my living space clean throughout the week, after being super inspired by this podcast.

I incorporated some cleanliness ideas from Gretchen Rubin including a quick clean up before I get ready for bed. That way my room doesn’t feel chaotic when I’m trying to settle down. It also helps me feel like the next day will go smoother if things are actually in their place.


What have you been loving this past week?

See you on Sunday for Sunday Scenes!

Have a beautiful start to your weekend,





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