Ditching Labels, Ditching Dogma, Saying YES

Have you ever felt the need to label yourself? To follow a specific set of rules? To have clear outlines of what is “right” and “wrong” so there’s no grey area.




This has been a big thing for me, with food.

While in college, I was super dogmatic about what my diet was, and I stuck to those labels like glue. When I followed specific diets, I was so attached to this part of my identity I didn’t want to stop. It became a way for me to judge myself and my food choices, and a way for me to classify myself as “good” or “bad.”  Defining my diet with a label was a way to be super restrictive in my food choices and cause a lot of self-judgement if I wasn’t eating the “perfect” diet.

The thing is, our bodies are unique. Our lives are unique. What works for some people, won’t necessarily work for others.

Right now my “search for wellness” is about being able to tune into my own body’s wisdom and figure out what works for me. Letting go of the need to fit into any “labels” and just do what feels good.

Our bodies are so wise, and somewhere along the way we got confused. For me, tuning in is about experimenting in the kitchen, taking note of how foods feel in my body, and just doing more of what feels good.

Because, we all should be able to feel good about the skin we’re in, and lead our lives focused more on the impact that we have rather than the size of our jeans or how much food we eat. There’s more important work to be done than wasting all my energy trying to be restrictive and judgmental over food. Our lives are our masterpieces, not our bodies. 

Have you ever felt like you waste too much energy judging yourself rather than using it to live life to the fullest?

Have a beautiful day,





  1. Yes! I absolutely agree. Over the years I’ve placed myself in so many food boxes, “vegetarian,” “gluten-free,” “paleo.” When I finally listened to my body, I found a diet that fits me and makes me feel amazing. We all have unique needs, it’s best to find what works for you specifically.

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  2. Beautifully put. I have always struggled with food and how much of it I was consuming. This post however, states in the most elegant of ways, that eating is to feel good not to obsess over. While it is important to make healthy food choices daily life should not be consumed with counting, weighing, and self-loathing if one slips. I know that I will still struggle with food and body image but your search for wellness is an inspiration to try to love myself the way I am and stop the obsession 🙂


    1. Yes, exactly Jaclyn! It’s like, no need to add extra pressure to your already stressful life. I’m so glad you stopped by and I really appreciate your comment! I know this is a common struggle for people so it’s really cool to open up and share. Miss you tons! 💕


      1. I personally can’t think of anyone who hasn’t stuggled with it at some point in their life so it is a great topic to talk about! I’m looking forward to reading more! I miss you as well ❤️

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