Monday Musings: February Goals Revisited

Hey hey!




Hope you had a wonderful weekend and your Monday is off to a great start! At the beginning of the year, I shared how I am following in Gretchen Rubin’s footsteps and setting out to spend 2015 on My Happiness Project. Really, as I have realized through my Institute for Integrative Nutrition work, I am living out this year with Radical Courage (or at least that’s the goal).

February has been about “Letting Love Flow,” and getting connected.

Some things that have happened to me this past month:

-I had multiple interviews at various jobs

-I taught to a class of preschoolers

-I got a new job, a “real” job

-I have developed a morning, evening, and Sunday routine

-I have spent more time in the kitchen, and have been moving my body in ways that feel good

I have treated myself to things including delicious meals, a manicure, quiet evenings, baths, and listening to music that I love

-I have reframed my inner dialogue, and said kinder things to myself

-I shared my blog to family and friends, which was really scary to me, but felt really awesome at the same time. Thanks for all your support! ❤

This month has really been about building up my self-care practice, finding routine, going out of my comfort zone, and following my intuition.

One thing that I did not end up doing this month (well I have a week left) was volunteering at a local animal shelter. This is something I just never got around to doing, unfortunately, but is still on my radar.

Another thing that I have been working on is getting back into my personal yoga practice. I have been super into Barre workouts (and still am! Went to a class this morning) but I also want to maintain my yoga practice.

With all the self-care and self-love this month, I really am feeling pretty great. I feel stronger, healthier, and I am able to see more beauty in myself. I have noticed a huge confidence change, and I feel really at peace with my body, and my food choices.

I am also working my way through Gabrielle Bernstein’s 40-day May Cause Miracles guide-book to focus on releasing fears and negative though patterns.

All in all, I feel all the work I am putting in, and all the help and support I’m getting from my beautiful coach Amanda Gyuran is deeply changing my life in a positive way.


What are you doing to amp up your self-care and self-love this week? Or what were some of your goals for February and how do they make you feel?






  1. You have inspired me to write a list of goals for March! Sometimes, life gets so busy helping others that I forget to make time for myself. Before I know it, my tank gets depleted and I am no good to anyone. Thanks for the reminder!


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