Things I’m Loving Friday!


Hope your Friday is off to a great start!

Things have been a little extra stressful for me this week, so I am looking forward to chilling out this weekend 🙂

As is usual Friday fashion, here’s some things I have been loving this week:

Ed Sheeran’s new album


I love that the songs on this cd are diverse in style, yet still calming. This has been super fun to listen and relax to while driving around the city.

I have also been loving this song:


Still loving my homemade deodorant from earlier this week. Although I have found I need to actually reapply this deodorant, I love that the ingredients are things that I can all pronounce (or even eat).



Along the same lines, those pretty beads in the picture above are my mala beads from Tiny Devotions. 

I love this brand and all of there products continuously have been googly-eyed. I highly recommend following their instagram to feel inspired (and like you need mala beads in your life) on a daily basis.

Still loving smoothies and kale salads in my meal rotations, as always





I also treated myself to a manicure this week, something I hadn’t done in years! It felt really nice to have my nails actually looking pretty, and afterwards I went to a French bakery next to the salon. It felt really nice to take a slow morning in the midst of a crazy week, and just enjoy time alone. Quite a treat!


What things have you been loving this week?

Have a beautiful day!




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