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So today I wanted to chat about careers. As a twenty-something this can be a really hard thing to talk about, or at least I know it is for me, and I want it to be something that you are excited about.

I want to talk about this because your career has such a big effect on your health, wellness, and overall happiness. You often spend more time at work than you do at home or with the people you love, so it is so important to have work you feel connected to. I also want to talk about this because I am a twenty-something trying to build my path and make my way into a successful career, and I am not someone who graduated college with a clear vision of what I wanted to do. I am imagining some of you out there can understand what that feels like.

I’m still at the phase in life where I believe anything is possible, that you can make the life of your dreams and have the career you want. The world around me, however, so desperately stresses that this is not the case. In your twenties you can easily become lost and overwhelmed and constantly feel like you’re under appreciated, not good enough, or that your dream job is not a reality.

I read the book The Defining Decade by Meg Jay, and found it really powerful and impactful. At a time when I was just about to graduate college and feeling super overwhelmed at the thought of finding a “real job,” this book helped me break things down and get to work. Rather than feeling caught in the middle of the ocean without anywhere to go, Meg emphasizes choosing a direction. This was just the advice I needed at the time, and one I think a lot of us can benefit from.




When you actually choose a direction and go for it, you can get a more clear idea as to what you really want to do. If you’re feeling lost and unsettled, or as if there is a million things you want to do, test out the waters. Try new things! Have meaningful experiences! See incredible things. This is what your twenties are for: using your time to create experiences that can help guide your future, and make you feel like you are alive and doing your life’s work.

This is something I am currently working at myself, so I know the struggle. However, when I think about what jobs I want to apply for or accept, considering how they will help shape my future is a huge consideration. This helps shift my perspective and get clear as to what I want from the career aspect of life.

What are you doing to make your path in the world or love the work you already do?

So much love,




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