Current Healthy Obsessions

Hey guys!

How’s your day going? If you had yesterday off, I hope you had a wonderful long weekend! If not, I hope your week is starting out well!

I wanted to share some things I have been doing to help heal and holistify my life (is that a word?)

Homemade Deodorant


I used this recipe (click the link to see the actual recipe!) to make my own deodorant yesterday, and had all the ingredients already (there is only four of them). I used to use coconut oil and essential oils as deodorant for a while, but it was during college when I was super active teaching and attending fitness classes throughout the day. The coconut oil and essential oil became ineffective for me after a few weeks and I went back to regular old deodorant. I’ve been meaning to switch back to a more holistic and cheap homemade version.

This was super easy to make, and it smells awesome! I used Lavender essential oil, and my Shea Butter is  passion fruit scented.

It’s a fun project that I highly recommend trying!

Roasted Veggies


I’ve been working on expanding my veggie consumption to have more variety in my life. I love kale, but I wanted to be sure I was getting other veggies in also! I decided to roast a sweet potato and some Brussel sprouts last week so I would have them on hand, and I did it again this week! Roasting veggies on Sunday or whenever you have time is a great way to have healthy options on hand. As my schedule is filling up, it’s so nice to come home and not have to cook dinner because everything is already prepared.


Bentonite Clay (or Calcium Bentonite Clay)

I have been using this as a face mask about once a week, and also use it to help with pimples and trouble skin when it shows up.

You just mix the clay with warm water (not using anything metal to stir or store it) and then put it on your skin for anywhere from 5-20 minutes. Wash off with warm water and a wash cloth and you’re good to go. This is a drying clay, so if you have super dry skin (like me) I recommend only using once per week and rubbing oil (my favorite for my skin is Almond or Sesame) on my face to rehydrate it.

The clay is super healing and really awesome at drawing out toxins. I feel so clean and fresh after using it, and it’s a nice treat to take time for a face-mask every week. You can find it at Whole Foods (that’s where I got mine) or probably online or at other health foods stores.
What are your healthy obsessions lately??

Have a beautiful day,





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