Setting Up for Success

Hey there!



I hope you are feeling full of love and ready to tackle another week! In honor of Monday, I wanted to share some brief tips on how to set up for a successful week.

A successful week might have different meanings to each of us. To clarify, when I say success, I mean you are moving toward your goals. That’s a broad definition which can cover a variety of goals, and it does not mean you have to complete that goal that week.

The point is, every day, every week, every month you should be taking small (or large) steps that will allow you to get closer to your dreams. You have one life, and I am hoping you want to live it to the fullest!




Step 1:

Get clear about your goals! You can set up one specific goal you are working toward that week (ex: developing a regular exercise routine), or you can have a few goals in mind. Try to use this as a time to be specific, or broad, but at least have an idea of what you want. Maybe you can picture how you want to look or feel or where you want to be in the next few years.

Step 2:

Think of one action step you can do each day to move toward your goal. These do not have to be huge leaps, just small steps that bring you closer to your dreams. Example: write down a workout schedule and show up to your workout each day that week as scheduled.

Step 3:

Honor yourself and reflect on your goals. Take time to think about your goals as well as your action steps. Are your steps manageable and relevant? Were you able to complete them? If so, praise yourself! That’s amazing! You are taking control of your life and living toward your dreams.

If no, don’t sweat it! Reevaluate your goals as well as your steps. Think about what is manageable to you at this time, and adjust your steps as you see fit. Try again.


The point is, I hope you are using your time to move toward your dreams. I hope you are letting yourself move toward your dreams and honoring what feels right.

I wish you the best of luck moving toward your dreams.

Have a beautiful day!

What are your goals this week? How do they fit in the bigger picture of your life?




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