Things I’m Loving Friday

Hey hey!


Happy Friday, and long weekend! I hope your morning is off to a beautiful start, and you are ready for a weekend filled to the brim with love.

As is usual Friday fashion, here’s some things I’ve been loving lately:

Annmarie Skin Care

So I started using this skin care line when I was a junior in college, and I started having an allergic reaction to makeup. I had to stop using makeup for almost a year, and was using oil to heal my skin and give it some release. Just this past week I’ve been wearing just CVS brand makeup a lot, and have had that same reaction (sometimes you just need an extra reminder). I ran out of my Annmarie stuff at the end of last year and didn’t want to spend the money to replace it. This week, seeing that reaction come up again and seeking to add continuous sweetness to my life, I bought the stuff again. It feels so indulgent to buy nice skincare stuff, but it is so worth it if you have super sensitive skin like me. Plus, then you get to have a little spa night every day. I highly recommend checking out this line 🙂


I have loved being able to get in some extra rays through walks, and just getting outside more. The vitamin D is well received, and it always gives me a boost of energy.

Starting new things

This week has been the first week at my new job, and I have really been enjoying it. I also started to mix up my workout routine to keep things interesting, and that is feeling great as well.

Making Valentine’s Day about Loving everyone and everything around you.

I enjoy Valentine’s Day a lot, but have never been one to make a big deal out of it. My boyfriend and I are firm believes that showing your love all throughout the year is so much more important than just showing it because a holiday requires you too. Nonetheless, it is so fun to have an excuse to celebrate, and love yourself and others a little more!  Since my boyfriend and I will be apart anyway this year, my goal is to shower myself in self-love all weekend long. Even just writing a list of things you are grateful for is a great way to express love for your own life and all the beautiful things surrounding you. When you express gratitude, you are saying YES to the Universe. That allows those beautiful things to keep coming back to you, and even growing in abundance.

Cute Valentine’s day gift ideas from Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers

I hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day Saturday! I will see you back here on Sunday to share some scenes from my week.

So much love,





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