We’re All Winging It

Hey hey!

How’s your morning going? Any cool plans for the day? Excited to already be half-way through the week?

I can’t believe it’s Wednesday! I’m all kinds of confused about what day it is. After getting in a little late and having a hard time sleeping Monday night (rare for me, sleeping’s my favorite), I felt like I went through Tuesday in a bit of a daze. Granted, it was my first day at the new job so I already felt kind of lost and confused learning a bunch of new things anyway. I know it will become routine soon enough.

Though my week’s been all over the place, I did manage to make a workout plan and get to the grocery store yesterday, so at least there is some order and peace in my life.

My lunch yesterday was extra delicious:


I let the kale marinade in olive oil and balsamic vinegar as I cooked up my eggs, added a bunch of nutritional yeast, dulse, cayenne pepper, and garlic. It hit the spot.


I saw this cute picture on Instagram last night, and it was super inspiring and relevant to me. Maybe it will bring some comfort to you as well.

tumblr_nd43xjwIWM1r36c2so1_500How do you handle transitions? Do you ever feel like you’re “winging it?”

Hope you have a beautiful day,





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