How do you Treat Yourself

Hey guys!

I have a fun topic I wanted to put out there today. This week is kinda a big week for me. Today, I’m starting a new job (YAY!), and yesterday I had to say goodbye to my boyfriend after being able to spend time together.

To deal with all the emotions (and stress) that comes with change, I was thinking about rewards and treats. As someone who is very drawn towards sugary things as a reward, I was thinking about things that can be used as a treat. As a way to continuously add sweetness into my life, without only relying on sugar to do the sweetening.

I came up with this list while on the airplane back to Utah, so it’s a bit jumbled. In no particular order, some treats I though of were:

-Getting a massage/manicure/pedicure/facial

-An at home spa day/night: could be a homemade face mask, lovely tea, a fun book or movie, doing nails. This could be something you do alone, or invite a friend or friends!

-Dinner: spend a little extra time putting together a more elaborate meal than normal. Plan it, and make is special, even decorating the table! Invite friends to share it with you.

-A new accessory: a wallet, earrings, a new necklace, a ring, whatever is special or fun to you!

-A new workout top or sports bra

-A new outfit or shoes

-A new book (something that is fun to read) something I am going to make a priority for my next read is that it can’t revolve around health or fitness! I love reading about that stuff, but want to be sure to keep stories in my life too!

-Getting coffee or tea from your favorite coffeeshop

-Going to a movie

-Making a delicious dessert (homemade cookies anyone?)

-A bubble bath

-Doing an at-home makeover: try a new hairstyle or makeup, and get all dolled up just for fun.

-Getting yourself flowers

-Going for a hike or exploring something new

-Finding hot springs if they are close to you

-New lipstick or lip gloss

-Spending the afternoon in a park, at the beach, or anywhere outside you are close to

-Spending the afternoon in a local bookstore

-Buying a new CD

-Going to a concert

These were just some ideas, and I must say it was really fun to think of ways to treat myself. Maybe your list of “treats” looks different then mine, Β that’s totally cool! Do what makes you feel good.

I would love to hear how you like to treat yourself??


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