7 Minute Abs


Just popping in again to share a quick ab-workout I’ve been loving!

So, I admit the title sounds a bit like a gimmick. I’m not intending to say you’ll have abs in 7 minutes. I am, however, going to give you a quick 7-minute ab based workout that pairs great at the beginning or end of your normal workout (or run). This workout is sure to leave you sore and works all areas of your abs. The cool thing is, you can add time to each move as you get stronger. Of course, you can always decrease the time for each more as you start.

Here it is:

7 Minutes Ab Burner
1 min plank
30 second side-plank right side
30 second side-plank left side
30 second center plank, hip dips
~break for 30 seconds if desired (this is what I do)~
2 minutes full sit-ups
~30 second break~
1 minute 30 second flutter kicks

As I said before, you can easily adjust this ab burner to meet you needs. When I was working out a lot, I would do 1 minute side plank on each side. Maybe if the breaks feel long, cut them short, or skip them entirely. Feel free to use this as an outline to create an ab workout that works for you! I added links to the flutter kicks and hip dips if you are unfamiliar with those terms.

Hope you enjoy!



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