Monday Musings

Good morning!


I hope you are having a beautiful start to the day, and you had a great weekend!

I can’t believe we are already into February! I know those of you on the East coast have been getting hit with lots of snow, but I must admit out in the West things have been really warm. I am getting far too excited for spring, and I’m happily accepting extra rays of sunshine as I wait.

As we bring in this new month, I wanted to share some of my February goals, as I continue to strive forward on my own Happiness Project.

I feel last month my goal of, “giving myself what I need” was super successful. While I didn’t complete every goal perfectly, for example my room was pretty messy most of the time, the things I did focus on brought me a lot of joy. I had focused on using the month of January to up my self-care, and this translated to lots of delicious, healthy home-cooked meals, lots of walks, a massage, and journaling kind things to myself. If you want to see the full run-down of my goals of January, you can check it out in this post.

For February, I want to focus on continuing to up my self-love, while also going out of my comfort zone and offering service to others.

A few of the things I’m aiming to do throughout the month of February:

-Volunteer at a local animal shelter

-Write myself a love letter

-Use daily affirmations

-Re-vamp my meditation practice

-Focus on using the mornings as a “spiritual shower,” and do more journaling after morning meditations

-Get outside often

-Get connected in community, whether it be a meditation community, a church community, getting more connected at my yoga studio, whatever.

Those are just a few highlights for the month. The goal is to fill myself up enough, that I can give as much light and love as possible to those around me.

(The picture below was taken during my yoga teacher training in Costa Rica, when I was feeling so much light!)



What are some goals you have for yourself this next month? I’d love to hear!

Have a beautiful day.





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