Sunday Scenes

Happy Sunday!

I hope you have had a wonderful weekend! I am writing this post right before heading out to the Bay Area. It’s been nice to hang out in Tahoe for a few days and see my parents. After the drive to the Bay, our only plan is to somehow watch the Super Bowl (or at least some¬†commercials).

Here’s some scenes from my week:







I admittedly didn’t take a whole lot of food photos this week with my boyfriend in town I can say, we drank a lot of smoothies, made lots of delicious food, and I even had him eating kale and quinoa dishes. This is inspiring since he isn’t exactly the healthiest eater, but I love his willingness to try things I make. He’s been hyper focused on his eyes as a pilot, and I encouraged more fruits and veggies to get more vitamins. The next day he was making smoothies and adding spinach. I felt like this was a really cool success, and it has been nice drinking green smoothies together in the mornings. As I mentioned before, small steps are so crucial to lasting change.





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