Things I’m Loving Friday

Hey hey!

Happy Friday!


I got in to Tahoe last night, after a long drive through the desert. The drive wasn’t too bad, but I sure was glad when it was over. We spent the time listening to American Sniper on audiobook  (obviously, the book choice wasn’t mine), but after seeing the movie, it was nice to get some extra backstory.

I wanted to share some things I’ve been loving lately:

imageHanging out in the park, and enjoying the golden rays before sunset.

imageWinter citrus is always a must, especially when everyone around me seems to be sick right now.

imageWearing ridiculous colored leggings and slippers to barre in the morning.

imageKale salads with quinoa is such a simple, nourishing meal.

Being able to watch Friends on Netflix! I’m usually not much of a TV person, but watching the series has been really fun lately.

This 32 Minute at-home workout looks awesome, from Julie at PBFingers.

Rolling with cool at-home workouts, the Fitnessista has a cool at-home barre workout that looks awesome.

I finally got the book, The New Health Rules by Dr. Frank Lipman and have been enjoying looking over his ideas. The book is laid out really beautifully, and the tips are pretty easy. I love that he makes simple suggestions and has little recipes and tips throughout the content. It’s a nice simple read, and something you don’t have to read from back to front. You can pick it up from wherever, as each one is a separate tip.

What have you been loving lately?








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