Thursday Inspiration

Hey hey!


Hope your Thursday is off to a great start! I’m tying up some loose ends as far as work and class are concerned, and then headed off on a road trip to California.

It’s not the longest drive in the world, but something about driving ten hours through the desert doesn’t get me stoked. Luckily I won’t be doing this drive alone! I’m looking forward to quality time, podcasts, and sweet music to get me through.

Thanks for all the support this week in terms of making difficult decisions, and opening up a bit about some of my own struggles. It’s nice to know that other people have been through similar difficult situations, and been able to get through. I know that trusting my heart, and continuing to listen to my intuition are the best guides.

Wanted to share a few bits of Thursday inspiration:




Some cool links to check out:

Gina from Fitnessista is starting a Winter Shape Up-which is a really cool way to see some new workouts and meal ideas.

The lovely and inspiring Katie Dalebout from The Wellness Wonderland has a new podcast talking about astrology. She always has amazing stuff, I highly recommend checking her out!

7 Habits to start in 7 days— super cool read!


Hope you have a beautiful day! Catch you in California tomorrow with some Things I’m Loving Friday!





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