Embracing Imperfection

Hey guys!


I wasn’t feel so happy-go-lucky, light, or anything this morning. I was feeling rather drained, and like all my efforts were leading no where. I was getting sucked into a dismal black hole.

This short of black hole isn’t anything new for me. It isn’t a side of myself I enjoy, and it is something that holds me back quite often.

My black hole: comparison. I have this problem of wanting to be perfect. Can you relate?

I want to do everything right, say all the right things, make and eat perfect food, and have a perfect body. It sounds great, right? The thing is, this type of perfect doesn’t exist. In fact, this desire to be perfect often makes me only see my own imperfections. It has me focusing on and judging myself for failing. I look at other people, and I think I should be like them. I get down on myself for being short of them.

All this focus on being perfect or being someone else, takes away the ability to see the good in myself. It causes me to constantly judge and put myself down, rather than embrace the beauty that is in me. It makes me feel small and hopeless.

I for one am done with this self-judgment. I am done trying to act like or be someone else. I want to embrace all that I am and all that I have to offer the world.

I am embarking on a journey of self-acceptance, that I’m sure will take a life-time.

I started this morning. Rather than stay in my black hole of judgment, I journaled and got all those heavy thoughts out on paper. I’m not going to carry that stuff inside of me all day. I’m going to move on, and embrace the person that I am.

When I was about to graduation college I came to this realization that there was enough darkness in the world, I don’t need to add to it. The world doesn’t need my negativity and self-judgment, it needs my light. It needs me to love and accept myself unconditionally, so I can love and accept those around me.

Wanna join me on this journey of self-love?!

What are you loving about yourself today? What things are holding you back that you’re ready to let go of. Let’s support each other on this journey. Let’s start a revolution that brings more love and light to the world. And let’s start it today.

“Don’t ask what the world needs, ask what makes you feel alive. What the world needs is people who have come alive.”- Howard Thurman

So much love,




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