Small Steps

Hey hey!

Happy Monday! Hope your week is starting out well!



Now that January is slowly drawing to a close, the excitement of New Year’s Resolutions is slowly beginning to fade away. It’s that time when any changes people wanted to make might have been a bit too extreme to maintain.

It is easy to get caught up in the hype and want to make crazy big changes in a small amount of time. Whether this is with your body, your eating habits, your relationships, whatever it is, lasting change often requires small steps.

I have to remind myself of this ALL THE TIME!

I get caught up in the desire to be a new person in a week, and have to come back down to reality. I have to work with who I am. I have to take small steps that I can stick to. I have to be reasonable. Lastly, my desire to change must have a higher purpose.

Taking small steps can sometimes feel like you’re not doing enough. It can feel meager, when you want to feel extreme. However, I’ve noticed in myself when I take extreme actions, I typically end up quitting after some time. I usually want to be perfect, and perfection is unsustainable.

Small steps can look different to each of us. They are the building blocks to higher, sustainable change. It is an effort to change your whole life, not an unreasonable goal.

It can be really powerful to put your intention into just a few small steps, rather than coming up with outlandish goals that are setting you up for failure from the start.

Make a game plan, yes, but make it reasonable. If you are looking for lasting change, pick three reasonable goals each week or each month. Put all your efforts and intentions on those goals. Be sure to pick goals that really resonate with you. Ones that you can get excited to do, and keep that excitement. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t follow through on your goals perfectly.


Praise yourself often! Know that you are enough, no matter where you are at!

What are some of your current goals, and how are you following through with them?? I’d love to hear!

Have a beautiful day!




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