Happy Tuesday

Good morning! I hope your day is off to an excellent start!

My day started similar to most around here. Dry brush, oil massage, an hour Barre class, and a delicious smoothie!

I got a bag of frozen berries from Whole Foods, and it has frozen cherries in it! I absolutely love adding frozen cherries to my smoothies as it gives the smoothies a beautiful deep red color, and such a delicious sweet taste! So good! image


I wanted to take a quick minute to share some cool highlights from around the internet world with you!

This video of Ed Sheeran dancing to his song Thinking Out Loud is SO BEAUTIFUL!

This book looks incredible! I love following Gina’s blog Fitnessista!

Deliciously Ella’s Pea and Spinach Pesto Pasta. MMMMM.

I love Tone It Up and the Love Your Body Challenge! It’s cool to look at the weekly workout schedule and get inspired!

imageWhat things have inspired you lately???

Xo, Ashley


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