Starting out your day with love

Hey hey! I hope you are enjoying your Monday! tumblr_mdqdqioKEL1rwl7tlo1_1280


I went to an early Barre class (oh hey 6 am crew!), which left me feeling amazing afterwards! Breakfast was a smoothie with hemp protein added in. It was delicious.

I hope you guys are enjoying the Acai power protein smoothie and warming winter salad.

This morning I wanted to share a few things I’ve been doing as part of creating my Morning Routine. image Right now, I’m seeking more structure and balance in my life. As part of this, I’m trying to wake up and go to bed at around the same time each day.

When I wake up, there’s a few things I am trying to add into my routine:

1). Dry brush and oil massage. I will probably do an entire post on these practices, as there is so much great information to share! In short, dry brushing is a great way to increase circulation, get rid of dead skin cells, and decrease presence of cellulite (not that it can magically cure it– genetics and lifestyle have a definite role in that to, so embrace your body exactly as it is). You use a dry brush, and rub in circular directions starting with your feet and then working your way up. You then move outward from your heart through your hands. I really just avoid my torso altogether, but do what feels right for you. Oil massage is an Ayurvedic practice to also increase circulation, give your body some extra love, and help keep your skin moisturized without gross chemicals. I use sesame seed oil, and start with my feel and work my way up, again moving in circular directions.

2). Get MOVING! My favorite way to get moving lately has been going to Barre classes. I am loving the challenge and the ability to be in a group class setting (and have someone else tell me what to do). Other things you can do: go for a quick (or slow) walk around the block, go for a run, dance around your room/house, go to the gym, go to a yoga class, whatever form of movement feels really good to you. Moving in ways that you enjoy is critical, then you can start the day feeling empowered and excited rather than forcing yourself to do something you dread. Experiment and see what form of movement feels best to you!

3). Meditation. I feel like I go through a lot of phases when it comes to meditation. After my yoga teacher training, I felt like I was a meditation queen. Then, I fell out of the habit as my life got all crazy and distorted. Lately, I’ve been struggling to sit through meditation more than I ever have before. I’m taking this as a sign that meditation is something I really am needing.

4). Make and eat a nourishing breakfast. As I shared before, one of my goals this month has been to cook more. By this, I am aiming to create foods that I really enjoy, but are also really nourishing to me. I’ve been loving having protein smoothies for breakfast, sometimes with a side of Ezekiel bread, sometimes not. Something about taking the time to put wholesome ingredients together and make something each day is awesome. After everything is all made up, I’ve been trying to present my food in more appealing ways. Then I sit down and give thanks for my food and all that it is going to do for my body. It’s been really awesome to just be more mindful during breakfast, and give my body fuel it can really thrive off of.

5). Make my bed! This is an attempt to keep outer order in my life, so it translates into inner order and peace as well.

6). HYDRATE!!!! This is really the first thing I do in the morning, drink a glass of water! If you do nothing else, drinking water first thing will benefit you immensely! This is a great way to kick start your metabolism and get your bowls moving. Drinking water first thing is so healing, nourishing, refreshing, and energizing! Adding lemon is awesome, but just water is great too 🙂

Other things I like doing in the mornings: Oil pulling (this is a twenty minute practice of swishing oil around in your mouth. It’s really beneficial to your gums, teeth, and getting rid of bacteria in your mouth. However, since it takes twenty minutes I do not do this daily), reading an inspiring book, listening to music that pumps me up, listening to an inspiring podcast, dancing, singing, going outside to get some crisp morning air.

My morning routine may look really similar to yours, or it may look really different. That’s totally fine! Every single person is so different! Things that ground or energize me might not do the same for you. Experiment with what feels right.


Do you have a morning routine or ritual? What is it? I love to hear what you do to start your day off on the right foot!

Xo, Ashley



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