Following Intuition

Hey there!

It’s been a little while since my last post. I’m back, with big plans in store for this year. Like, so big.



I was inspired after reading the book The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin to spend this year working on my own happiness.

I am now exploring my own happiness (and WELLness) project.



To start off January, my resolution for the month is to “Give myself what I need”


For me, this translated into these specific goals:

-Eat nourishing foods at consistent times of the day

-Cook more

-Workout regularly

-Practice a morning routine

-Eat more vegetables and less sugar

-Keep a clean living space

-Be mindful while eating. This means, take five deep breaths before eating a meal. Give thanks for the meal and what it will do for my body (I’ve heard the mantra “I bless this food, and this food blesses me” and it really resonated with me. You could also replace “bless” with “love”). Take breaths during and after the meal to stay in a calm state.

-Oil pull three times per week (you can learn about that online with a quick google search)

-Rework budge. Only spend on food and educational stuff.

-Read a book that inspires me.

-Journal to fight back the mean girl in my head.

-Meditate daily.


So, I haven’t been perfect with every single one of these resolutions. That’s totally okay. The point of this all is, I want to take time to check in with how I am treating myself each day. I am making strides toward being kinder and more loving to myself, so I can spread that kindness and love to the world around me.

I also feel really powerful and energized. Taking the time to check in and give myself what I need is refueling my spirit in a much needed way.

This month I:  quit my job that was beginning to wear on me, I started the Health Coach course through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), and I’ve been meeting with an Eating Psychology Coach to help me in healing my relationship to food.

All the changes are honestly quite scary. However, with each step I take I am asking myself if it feels right. If what I’m doing is speaking to my heart and soul. The more I am following my heart, the more inspired and (dare I say) unstoppable I feel.

2015 is off to a bright start!

Get excited for more content, recipe, health and wellness tips, from this little corner of the blog world. I will continue sharing my own wellness (and happiness) journey, and I hope you join me and share your own.






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